Getting Started

A Quick Step-By-Step Guide to Building your Kiosk

  • As you glance through the kiosk photos on our website think about the locations in your town where a kiosk would be perfect. Perhaps the main village square or on key street corners. Be sure the sites you are thinking of provide proper clearance for pedestrians and wheelchairs alike and are near an electrical source. Consider also what things you would most like your kiosk to accomplish. Doing so will make your configuration choices more purposeful.

Step 1

  • Decide which size kiosk would be best for your situation and location. Our Classic model has a footprint of 36"x 36" which makes it perfect for most sidewalks and walkways. The Grand model is our larger kiosk and boasts a 52"x 52" footprint, making it ideal for wider walkways, town squares and parks.

Step 2

The header can be rendered in one of five ways:

Decide how you would like each side of your kiosk to look.Both the Classic and the Grand feature a header panel at the top of each side.

  • Cast Bronze Plaques

  • Cast Aluminum Plaques

  • Carved Painted Plaques with 23kt Gold Leaf Finish

  • Illuminated with Push-Thru White Acrylic Lettering

  • J-Bond Painted Aluminum Panels

Step 3

  • If you choose short cabinets then the lower portion of each side can have sponsor plaques or your Main Street logo or Town Seal.

Step 4

  • Next is to decide if you prefer locking, LED illuminated poster cabinets (long or short) that showcase your back-lit posters, or cabinet-less exterior metal posters. The cabinets are constructed of extruded, weather resistant frames, in your choice of black or natural alumnium. The cabinet frames feature a "snap-clip" track that allows for easy poster changes.

Step 5

  • Select a paint color for your kiosk from any Benjamin Moore exterior, latex color chart. See our Benjamin Moore color chart link.

Step 6

  • Request a sample layout of your proposed kiosk. We'll need to know how you would like your headers to read and any artwork for your logo or town seal or sponsor plaques. Artwork needs to be sent in vectorized PDF files.

Step 7

  • Take photos of your proposed locations and we will import a sample kiosk layout into your photo setting. This will prove very helpful in communicating your vision to your fellow decision makers.

Step 8

  • Fill out your configuration choices on the selection form and we'll get back to you with both a layout and a quote.

download as word download as pdf