The Greater Good Plan

One of the best things about the Cornerstone Kiosk is that it is all about working together to make a better community…all about creating a “Win-Win” situation, because aside from adding beauty to your streetscape and helping to promote a positive downtown image…it works to foster larger community spirit.

This community spirit is most evident when the distinct purpose of the kiosk is to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes. The Greater Good Plan seeks to so designate your kiosk project right from the start. To state as the objective that all funds raised from a particular kiosk be ear-marked for a pre-designated worthy cause. A sponsor, be it a chamber of commerce, a fraternal group, a municipality, a civic-minded corporation, an individual philanthropist, or perhaps a town fundraising campaign could purchase the kiosk on behalf of a charity. By so doing, you bring to life the old adage “give a man a fish, you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Considering that the advertising income generated from a single kiosk can be substantial, the designated recipient would be helped in a very real way.

On each side of the kiosk would feature the Greater Good emblem (or the emblem of your choice), publicizing the sponsors name and the focus of their efforts. The advertisers would also benefit as their advertisements would find a more receptive audience from a public aware of the charitable nature of the kiosk.