Why the Cornerstone Kiosk is the perfect choice for your Community

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Why the Cornerstone Kiosk is the perfect choice for your Campus

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Great South Bay Sign Company
has been serving communities for over 20 years. We’ve focused our talents in the art of fine sign making to help beautify, identify and uplift entrances to virtually every facet of community life. We’ve specialized in working with Small Towns, Incorporated Villages, Public Schools, Churches, Public Libraries, and Chambers of Commerce. Throughout the years we’ve learned how to provide a service that is all about giving back and all about working with others to accomplish small projects that give people a real sense of pride and a tangible sense of place.

Working together with local leaders, we’ve become quite expert at providing focal points that enliven and enrich the community. Seizing every sign making project as an opportunity to make a statement about local character, we’ve strived to contribute to the civic landscape. With a combination of good design, a quality product and a lifetime of hands-on-experience, we seek to further our commitment to community betterment and spirited change with the introduction of our Cornerstone Kiosk.

Whether your planning new entry signs or looking to stimulate your downtown streetscape with a dynamic kiosk program, Great South Bay is here to serve you.