When it Comes to Revenue Potential, You’re in Total Control

With Cornerstone Kiosk you’re in total control of the revenue. You own your kiosk. You decide the advertising rates, and can do what works best for your unique situation. Of course, you’ll want to decide upon a rate that is both attractive to your advertisers and yet still reaches your financial goals.

Below is a chart that reflects the relationship between rates and income potential. It ranges widely with a starting rate of $1 per day. Decide what’s best for you.

Amount Charged per Side per Week
Annual 4-sided Income

Obviously, if you decide upon using only two sides of your kiosk for advertising, your revenue would be cut by half. You may opt to charge a higher rate for the larger size cabinet. Your rates may also vary by season, or be discounted for members of your organization. Perhaps you would have a rate structure that considered the prominence of the kiosks location or even a different rate for each side of the kiosk based upon visibility. No matter what you decide just remember that you are in control from beginning to end.