Apply for a T-Mobile Hometown Grant today and request a Cornerstone Kiosk for your town-Summer 2023

Don’t miss out on this opportunity

No matter what goals or dreams you have for your town, your efforts to achieve them can be enhanced with the help of a Cornerstone Kiosk as a focal point for those efforts. As an active community leader I’m sure you are aware of T-Mobile’s generous Hometown Grant program. What you may not be aware of is that the deadline for the current Summer 2023 grant is fast approaching. In fact it’s June 30th!.
I would like to suggest that a request for a Cornerstone Kiosk is an attainable goal and a project that perfectly matches T-Mobile’s award criteria to help build stronger, more prosperous small towns and community spaces. They want to help you to use your public spaces to foster connections between people by creating great gathering places. Cornerstone Kiosks do that and more. They help brand your community and make your job of promoting the best of your town so much easier.
So here’s the thing. Why let this opportunity pass? Why not request a free layout and estimate and all the particulars from us so that you can submit it with your T-Mobile Hometown application. It’s a simple and easy project to get consensus from your organization as well as your municipality and it will be applauded by your whole community, especially the retail shops and restaurants.

1) Click here to download the application

2) Click here to order a Cornerstone Kiosk estimate and layout

T- Mobile Hometown Grant Key Submission Deadlines:
Summer: Applications start in April and are due June 30th
Fall: Applications start in July and are due in September
Winter: Applications start in October and are due in December

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