Launch a Seasonal Poster Campaign to Promote Your Town

Cornerstone Kiosk provides a fantastic opportunity to add vibrancy and color to your streetscape.

Why not take advantage of the wealth of creativity and talent in your town by offering local artists the chance to help promote your downtown while promoting their own artwork. Your Cornerstone Kiosk has four illuminated showcases and earmarking one side for your seasonal posters will guarantee your campaign gets plenty of attention.

Each year your design committee can choose paintings for each of the coming year’s four seasonal posters from the work of local artists wishing to participate. The artist can sign a release allowing you to post and sell copies of the poster which would feature whatever promotional tagline your committee selects. The artists name and website gets listed on the poster along with your organization. It’s win/win! The artist gets attention and your town gets a fun new way to keep your streetscape fresh and interesting. This is an awesome community project that engages everyone.

Perhaps the best way to start is to do an informal survey of the artists in your area. Look over the paintings they feature on their website and make a list of the one’s whose work would meet your criteria. Use social media to put out a call for more submissions if necessary. Once you have a group of willing artists your design committee can start selecting seasonally appropriate choices. Choose the background color for each poster and then get working on your catchy headlines.

You would be hard pressed to come up with a project that is more fun and satisfying for all parties involved.

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