Placemaking At Its Best

Cornerstone Kiosk creates a community focal point that can serve as your branding ambassador and showcase the best of your downtown.

A Cornerstone Kiosk provides an immediate positive change on your streetscape. Whether it’s the initial phase of your revitalization project or the final touch, your kiosk will be a physical manifestation of everything you’re doing to bring about a better community. When placed on a prominent street corner your kiosk will go right to work for you. It will enable you to showcase four sides of content specifically targeted to your community. Branding your downtown, promoting restaurants and retail shops, highlighting events and doing it all in a very attractive way.

While it’s obvious that Cornerstone Kiosks can provide you with a perfect focal point for all your branding and placemaking efforts, what is less obvious is that it can also be used in a multitude of other helpful ways. For example…

Hometown Goodworks Kiosk

Could be a great way to recruit volunteers for charitable organizations that serve your community. It could also focus attention on grassroots community oriented projects and do things like offer tips for more purposeful recycling. And how about the idea of providing local citizens with ideas for how to best help seniors, the disabled, the addicted, the homeless and abandoned animals.

Democracy Kiosk

You could showcase the constitution and the Bill of Rights. List elected officials. Offer good citizenship information regarding voting locations and upcoming election information.

Civil Rights Kiosk

This could feature a timeline of how civil rights have evolved over our nation’s history and how your community has met the challenges of the Civil War and its aftermath and maybe some stories of local civil rights heroes. Every community could pledge their commitment to justice and provide suggestions on how everyone can help.

Women’s Rights Kiosk

Like the Civil Rights kiosk, a Women’s Rights kiosk could chart the suffragette struggle and could incorporate a national timeline along with a look at the history of local women who took an active role in advancing the rights of women.

Cultural Heritage Kiosk

As the name implies this themed kiosk could give a complete overview of your town’s cultural make up and all of the influences that affected its history, architecture, and growth patterns. Restaurants featuring cultural cuisine could be highlighted and your local cultural heritage could be celebrated and promoted.


Perhaps a rainbow kiosk could enlighten and elevate the struggle for equality.

Advertising Kiosk

This kiosk would be dedicated solely to paid advertisements to provide a new revenue stream to the sponsoring organization so they could invest in additional quality of life community projects.

Fire Department Kiosk

Fire Departments need to communicate with the community on a number of levels and a kiosk could help them by providing a showcase for fire safety information. Helping them to advertise for volunteers. It could also be used to memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Community Memorial Kiosk

Every town has a need for a community memorial. Whether it’s to honor our local veterans, first responders or local heroes, a monument of remembrance is a time honored way to show respect. Many communities are looking to find a way to pay homage to the neighbors and friends we lost due to the pandemic. A Cornerstone Kiosk could fulfil that need.

Architectural Heritage Kiosk

Feature photos and descriptions of local architecture and provide a self-guided walking tour map of your community. Promote local museums and exhibits. Tell the story of your town’s architectural influences and reasons for the way your town developed. Feature plans for the future.

Historical Kiosk

Tell how your town contributed to the nation’s history. Present a local historical timeline. Showcase historical photographic artifacts and promote your local historical society and museums. Include personal stories that bring your history to life.

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