Promote Your Farmers Market

Cornerstone Kiosk, your community focal point, helps you do exactly that…

Placemaking is often described as creating an emotional connection between a person and a place. Cornerstone Kiosks serve as a focal point and a gathering place to reinforce the things that mean hometown to us.

What are the collection of small activities that we all do in our small towns that make it a place we love? Frequenting the local outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants, interacting with the local shopkeepers, participating in the annual small town events and enjoying the simple pleasure of getting fresh produce at the local farmers market. The local farmers market is a community gathering place that reinforces the best of placemaking. It brings together a collection of all the positive hometown values we all cherish; good nutrition, neighborliness, lower cost and higher quality, keeping it local, helping one another and a sense of doing the right thing environmentally. Supporting and promoting your farmers market is vital to keeping your town engaged and involved in repeated hometown experiences that people love and that make your town unique. Use one side of your kiosk to reinforce this weekly experience and it will invigorate all the other town activities that mean so much to cultivating a sense of place. Like the town clock and the park gazebo, a Cornerstone Kiosk soon becomes an indispensable hometown icon that will aid you in creating a thriving community.

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