Showcase Your Town’s History and Architecture

Cornerstone Kiosk can provide you with an elegant outdoor display.

Now you can put your streetscape to work promoting the historical highlights, tours and architecture in your town. Cornerstone Kiosk provides you with an architecturally compelling streetscape showcase that looks stately and commands attention.

What a pleasure to have an aesthetically pleasing four-sided display to present your town’s local history to everyone. Tell the significance and chronology of your history and do it in a very attractive and accessible way. Choose to tell your tale with either changeable, backlit poster cabinets, or with permanent fiberglass embedded exterior panels. Both can offer vibrant, colorful graphics and compelling text to engage and enlighten your audience. QR codes keep your information timely and linked to your website. Beautiful towns are beautiful because of the tasteful choices that communities and their leaders make each and every day. Let Cornerstone Kiosk be a focal point for your community.

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Placemaking and Hometown Memorials
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