Wondering How To Get A Cornerstone Kiosk For Free?

It only takes four sponsors to fully fund your next kiosk…

A Cornerstone Kiosk is a hometown showcase that turns heads and makes your streetscape work for you. It will become a focal point for all your efforts to promote and brand your town.

Whether you are a Chamber of Commerce President, a Main Street Executive Director, or a Village Mayor… nobody knows better than you which members of your community are the most generous and passionate about contributing to support a popular hometown project. In most cases they’ve already stepped up to support your past town events. Many times their generosity goes unnoticed once the event is over. This particular project is unique in that it is long term and its sole purpose is to be the center of attention. You and your committee will decide where to place it for maximum effect and your sponsors will be on the receiving end of all that attention. The sponsors will get recognition and goodwill every single day for the life of the kiosk and the great news is that the kiosk has a lifetime that will span multiple decades. It takes only four sponsors, one on each side, to completely fund your new kiosk. They in turn will receive a beautiful cast bronze plaque, or a full color, fiberglass embedded plaque permanently mounted on the kiosk. When looking for sponsors, utility companies, cable providers, assisted living facilities, hospitals and supermarkets are always good choices. While these bigger corporate sponsors are often targeted for public/private sponsorship, individual memorial plaques should not be overlooked. Family members appreciate having the chance to provide their loved one with a plaque of remembrance right in the center of town. So too, solidly grounded local companies that are staples of the community like funeral homes, insurance companies, accountants and legal and medical professionals often make for good working partners. Of course your local government and fellow community organizations and business associations should always be among the first to be contacted.

Once you’ve looked through our website and kiosk gallery it’s important to fill out your kiosk preferences form found on the Build Your Kiosk tab. We can then provide you a specific quote and a kiosk layout that you can use to gather additional support at your next meeting. Based upon that quote you can decide how much is needed from each of the four sponsors. If you like we can keep revising your kiosk layout to feature each sponsor’s logo plaque so that you can show them exactly what it could look like.

We are here to help you start off 2023 boldly with a great addition to your streetscape that helps you promote the very best of your hometown.

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