Popular Kiosk Uses

Popular Kiosk Uses

For Villages, Downtowns and Municipalities

  • Branding and placemaking
  • Provide municipal wayfinding
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Emphasize new projects and successes
  • Highlight citizens who are the “cornerstones of your community”
  • Memorialize neighborhood victims of the pandemic
  • Celebrate first responders and health care workers
  • Promote good environmental practices
  • Encourage volunteerism for community non-profits
  • Support local businesses and restaurants
  • Inspire hometown pride
  • Educate and encourage good citizenship
  • Promote your downtown as a destination community
  • Showcase local artists
  • An elegant focal point that brings out the best in your town
  • Showcase revenue producing advertisements
    (both local and national)

Popular Kiosk Uses

For Colleges and Universities

  • Campus branding
  • Provide a great first impression for spring tours
  • Showcase new educational programs
  • Promote campus events
  • Promote campus wayfinding
  • Adds an attractive architectural structure to your landscape
  • Emphasize educational goals
  • Highlight campus environment policies
  • Promote campus pride
  • Dispense important information
  • Showcase revenue producing advertising
  • Create a positive campus vibe
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  • Branding and Place-Making; Provide Municipal Wayfinding; Promotional Campaigns; Highlight Seasonal Downtown Events; Promote Tourism and Historical Sites...