Popular Kiosk Uses

Popular Kiosk Uses

For Villages, Downtowns and Municipalities

  • Branding and Place-Making
  • Provide Municipal Wayfinding
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Highlight Seasonal Downtown Events
  • Promote Tourism and Historical Sites
  • Emphasize New Projects and Successes
  • Highlight Citizens who are the “Cornerstones of Your Community”
  • Memorialize Neighborhood Victims of the Pandemic
  • Celebrate First Responders and Health Care Workers
  • Promote Good Environmental Practices
  • Encourage Volunteerism for Community Non-Profits
  • Support Local Businesses and Restaurants
  • Showcase Revenue Producing Advertisements (both local and national)
  • Inspire Hometown Pride
  • Educate and Encourage Good Citizenship
  • Promote Your Downtown as a Destination Community
  • Showcase local Artists
  • Provide an Elegant Focal Point that Brings Out the Best in Your Town
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  • Popular Kiosk Uses | Cornerstone Kiosk

  • Branding and Place-Making; Provide Municipal Wayfinding; Promotional Campaigns; Highlight Seasonal Downtown Events; Promote Tourism and Historical Sites...