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    Make your streetscape
    the talk of the town

    Revitalize Downtown…One Corner at Time

    • Beautification and Placemaking

      Cornerstone Kiosk creates a community focal point that can serve as your branding ambassador and showcase the best of your downtown.

      Garden City Kiosk

      A Cornerstone Kiosk provides an immediate positive change on your streetscape. Whether it’s the initial phase of your revitalization project or the final touch, your new kiosk will be a physical manifestation of everything you’re doing to bring about community betterment. When placed on a prominent street corner your kiosk will go right to work for you. It will enable you to showcase four sides of content specifically targeted to your community. Branding your downtown, promoting restaurants and retail shops, highlighting events and doing it all in a very attractive way. Your new Cornerstone Kiosk will command attention and blend architecturally with American tradition. Perhaps it’s time to let this alluring monument go to work for you.

    • Campus Beautification
      and Branding

      Create the perfect campus setting that adds to the character and appeal of your college or university.


      Cornerstone Kiosks are a creative way to enhance the beauty of your college campus. This can be especially helpful for campus tours by prospective students and their families. Our iconic structures will help brand your campus and allow you to showcase those programs you wish to promote. They can provide maps, information, advertisements, and student’s vibrant artwork. Campus beautification projects like this can give your community a greater sense of pride and a reinforced sense of interconnectedness that will provide long term benefits to your institution.

    • Showcase Seasonal Posters
      by Local Artists

      Cornerstone Kiosk provides a fantastic opportunity to add vibrancy and color to your streetscape.

      Why not take advantage of the wealth of local creativity by offering local artists the chance to help promote your downtown while promoting themselves. Incorporate appropriate artwork into colorful, seasonal posters. Each year your committee can choose paintings for each of the four seasons. The artist can sign a release allowing you to post and sell copies of the poster with your tagline such as “Fall in Love with Westport.” The artist’s name and website are listed and their work gets tons of attention as the community buzzes with the excitement and enthusiasm of seeing cool, new posters appear on a regular basis. This is a really fun community project that everyone can appreciate.

    • Create a Community Memorial

      Honor hometown heroes, loved ones, and cornerstones of the community with a dignified, monument of remembrance.

      Albertson Memorial Kiosk

      Cornerstone Kiosk makes an ideal community memorial to honor your hometown heroes. Honor your firefighters, police and first responders. Honor the local servicemen and women who served our country and who made the ultimate sacrifice. Pay tribute to our veterans and celebrate our patriotic holidays in a grand way.

      Perhaps you’re considering the best way to honor those lost to the pandemic. Cornerstone Kiosks are architecturally appealing monuments that provide a way for your community to publicly acknowledge our collective loss. A community memorial needs to be attractive, durable, and updateable. Our exterior display cabinets allow room for a full listing of everyone who has passed. If you wish, a QR code could be added to direct viewers to more complete profiles and obituaries on your town’s municipal website. With four sides you also have room for periodic posters that feature an individual life story, or to give a shout-out, to those first responders and health care workers who deserve to hear our thanks..

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