Frequently Asked Questions


How much do they cost?

Our Classic model kiosk ranges, fully equipped, from $12,635 to $27,108.

Our Grand model kiosk, fully equipped, starts at $19,544 up to $29,550. The prices vary based upon your configuration choices.

What can we do to lower the initial cost of a kiosk?

You can order our lowest price kiosk and upgrade some of the options at a later date. For example, the entry model Classic comes with metal exterior poster panels which can be replaced with our illuminated, locking, poster cabinets. So too, the entry level header plaques can be upgraded to to our cast aluminum or cast bronze plaques. You need not add any sponsor plaques or town seal plaques for any of the lower four sides of your kiosk initially and add them at any point. Additionally, our kiosks are very stable, over 500Ibs, and do not necessarily need to be anchored to your sidewalk. If you decide you would prefer it to be anchored the installation kit can be added at a later date.

Once we place our order how long until we receive it?

Within six weeks from the time we receive your 50% deposit.

What do we need to do to prepare our site for our kiosk?

If you are not locating your kiosk on a relatively level sidewalk than a cement pad needs to be poured to match the footprint of the kiosk you have chosen. Your electrician will need to bring the electric up through the center of the cement pad leaving a ten foot length of flexible electrical cable so that it can be passed up through the kiosk at the time of installation. Please keep in mind that pavers are not a suitable surface to anchor a kiosk and a cement pad would need to be poured.

Who else manufacturer's and sells Cornerstone Kiosks?

Only Cornerstone Kiosk, Inc. as we are the single-source designer and provider of our products. We will be happy to provide a single-source document for your purchasing department.

How durable are your kiosks?

Our kiosks are built to last. They are constructed of synthetic material that is impervious to weather, insects, or rot. The surface is coated in a Poly-Amour Hardcoat™ resulting in a highly impact resistant structure, ideal for high traffic areas. A textured finish is utilized to offer a final product that is less prone to graffiti. Should vandals mar the surface our kiosks can be quickly touched-up by using matching Benjamin Moore flat, exterior latex paint.

What kind of warranties come with your product?

The kiosk core structure is guaranteed against defects from separation, delamination, and any manufacturing defect for ten years. The UL approved Uniko illuminated cabinets are made of strong, extruded aluminum, perfect for outdoor performance. Uniko cabinets come with a manufactures two year warranty and their electrical ballasts for one year against any electrical defects.

Gemini cast bronze and aluminum plaques come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty. Pannier Graphics offers a 10 year manufacturers warranty on their embedded fiberglass panels.

Samsung offers a 5 year White Glove warranty on their state-of-the-art outdoor digital display now available on our Grand model.

Will the poster cabinets keep out the rain and keep our posters dry?

All exterior poster cabinets have to allow airflow to prevent poster cabinets from fogging, as such they are weather resistant, but not totally weather proof. We strongly recommend using the back-lit poster film material as indicated on our poster size tab as poster film will not be stained by water. After a heavy driving rainstorm it is always advisable to towel dry any remaining rainwater.

Can these kiosk be powered by solar?

Our kiosks do not have roof dimensions large enough to handle the size solar panel necessary to light our illuminated poster cabinets as they each require 30 watts of power. An off-site solar panel on a nearby roof could be a possible option.

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  • Our Classic model kiosk ranges, fully equipped, from $12,635 to $27,108. Grand model kiosk, fully equipped, starts at $19,544 up to $29,550. The prices vary...